CIRCUL Sleep & Fitness Ring

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Features & Benefits

  • Sleek durable design and adjustable sizing from small to large; NO sizing kit needed. Works on all fingers.
  • Medically cleared for Home Oximetry
  • Overnight sleep tracking and analysis including SpO2%, HR, ODI and 4 Sleep Stages (Awake, Light, Deep and REM Sleep)
  • Record workouts and sleep; share with your trainer, physician, caregiver or family member
  • Remotely monitor blood oxygenation and heart rate day and night for complete workout: running, hiking or biking
  • Track health in near real-time through cloud app portal
  • Provides self-monitoring for early indicators of COVID-19 symptoms
  • Complete vital monitoring of calories burned, body movement and step count
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Tracking app available for iPhone and Androidcircul-3-way-image.png
  • Waterproof design
  • Charge via USB


  • Small (Size 5-9)
  • Large (Size 9.5-12)
  • XL (Size 9.5-13.5)

 A Comfortable Fitness Tracker That Can Measure Oxygen Levels & Sleep Quality

Whether you want to monitor your sleep activity or track your fitness, the CIRCUL Sleep & Fitness Ring is the device that does it all throughout the day and night! There is a reason the CIRCUL Sleep and Fitness Ring was named a 2020 reddot winner; the product design and innovative features are one of it's kind! This ring has the features you want and need, in a lightweight and compact design. During the day, CIRCUL will record your regular activity for up to 18 hours including your heart rate and blood oxygen level. While exercising, the ring will measure you heart rate, count steps and count your calories burned. At night, CIRCUL works while you sleep, tracking your sleep cycle and sleep quality for up to 12 hours.

Did you know you can track COVID-19 symptoms with the help of the CIRCUL Sleep & Fitness Ring? Using this ring is an easy way to monitor your oxygen saturation levels, which can be low if you have COVID-19.

Want to see your results? Download a FREE app onto your iPhone or Android smartphone then sync to your ring to view your results in near real time or see metrics from the past few days. After a night's sleep, log in to your app in the morning to download your results with the simple touch of a button! Sleep quality reports will generate to let you know how much time you spent in each stage of the sleep cycle. If you are concerned about your heart rate or blood oxygen level, be sure to set alert thresholds so you can stay on top of your health.

Maintain good health day and night with the CIRCUL Sleep & Fitness Ring!


 IMPORTANT: Treat the ring as you would other smart devices (e.g. smartphones). Avoid submerging the ring in liquids and remove the ring while washing your hands.

Shipping Cost:
Calculated at Checkout
9.0g (S)/9.3g(L)
Battery Life:
16 Hours with full charge
Battery Charge Time:
90 minutes
Operating Temperature:
-10°C to 45°C
SPO2 Sampling Rate:
SPO2 Range:
50% - 100%
SPO2 Accuracy:
±3% for SpO2 (among 70%-100%)
Resting Heart Rate Sampling Rate:
Resting Heart Rate Range:
Resting Heart Rate Accuracy:
±2%, +2bpm, with maximum value
Bluetooth BLE4.2
Bluetooth Range:
<10 Feet