Mute Anti-Snoring Device

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Features & Benefits
  • Patented technology with improved nasal airflowhow-mute-anti-snorign-device-works.jpg
  • Encourages nasal breathing and reduces reliance on mouth breathing
  • Maximizes breathing efficiency
  • Made with ultra-soft medical grade polymers
  • Individually adjust ratchet mechanism for each nostril
  • Retention fins hug the internal structure of the nose
  • Safe to wear
  • Ensures comfort and ideal fit for those with asymmetrical noses and deviated septums
  • Stays comfortably in nose all night
  • Three anatomically designed sizes available to fit most nose types and sizes


Product Specifications
  • 3 nasal devices per pack
  • 10 uses per nasal device for a 30 night supply


Breathe more and snore less while sleeping with the help of the Mute Anti-Snoring Device!

Mute has been anatomically designed to minimize the effects of snoring for both the user and their bed partner. A person can use Mute when his or her snoring is caused by nighttime nasal congestion and nasal obstruction caused by scar tissue or a deviated septum. In a user trial, 75% of couples reported that their partner's snoring was less severe, less frequent and more quiet with the use of this device. In addition, three times as many snorers and four times as many bed partners reported that their sleep quality improved while the snorer was using Mute. 


So how does a device as small as Mute accomplish the big task of minimizing snoring?


Mute has been designed to precisely fit the curve of each nostril, holding open each nasal airway to allow optimal and simpler nose breathing. This decreases the amount of mouth breathing by keeping the mouth closed and reducing the vibrations in the airways, letting the user sleep more soundly. Comfortable retention fins hold the device in place preventing it from shifting or falling out of the nose in the middle of the night.

Use a Mute device on its own when other solutions are not providing relief or in conjunction with another snoring remedy. Mute works well with mandibular advancement devices, throat sprays, nasal sprays or a chin strap. 


Concerned about cost? At under $1 per day, Mute is very cost effective, not to mention non-invasive, discreet and easy to use compared to other anti-snore devices. 



The designers of Mute know that every nose is unique and all noses are not perfectly symmetrical.

For that reason, the Mute device accounts for noses of all shapes and sizes. Made from very soft medical grade polymers, the device can simply be adjusted from one nostril to the other to ensure the proper fit. Plus with three size options, the Mute Anti-Snore Nasal Device can accommodate all users.

Not sure what size would work best for you? Start with the trial pack that includes one nasal device in each size (S, M & L) or use this sizing guide.



So get rid or those snoring strips and stop relying only on throat sprays. With the proper fit of a Mute device, you and your partner will be on your way to a more comfortable, less noisy and better night's sleep!