Raised Toilet Seats

Choose the best toilet seat riser for you from our wide selection of raised toilet seats!

Raised Toilet Seats provide a safe environment for toileting for people that are disabled, injured or recovering as well as those who have issues with balance and mobility. In addition, those with back issues will find sitting down and standing up from a elevated toilet seat much easier. The added height on these toilet seats can range from 2 to 6 inches. Many different types of toilet seat risers are available to elevate the seat and help users get to their feet.

  • Smaller in size to fit a tight space, a Standard Toilet Seat Riser is round in shape and approximately 16.5” long.
  • Raised Elongated Toilet Seat adds two inches of seat depth for approximately 18.5” in length. Oval in shape, these seats can fit elongated as well as standard toilets.
  • Locking Elevated Toilet Seats attach to the regular toilet seat by clamp or bracket to prevent shifting while toileting.
  • Raised Toilet Seats with Arms feature secure side handles that aide the user in lowering down and raising up from the toilet seat.
  • Padded Toilet Seat Cushion provide a comfortable cushion to those who may experience discomfort from the regular toilet seat. These raised toilet seats for the elderly are made of gel or foam padding.

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